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Chicory,  Cichorium intybus

A5 Screenprint

Edition of 100


A new vibrant series of plant studies on A5 card from G.F Smith. Printing on to the dark matt card makes the paint layers shine creating a beautiful effect. They are all editioned and signed on the back.


Paper:  700gsm colorplan G.F Smith


A 8 colour layer screenprint, individually hand registered by Hannah. 


This print will fit a ready-made 8" x 10" frame or something bespoke.


For a ready-made frame purchase a piece of A4 card (colour of your choice) cut to the dimensions of the backing board or pane of glass. Using two pieces blue-tack the size of a grain of rice, lightly place on the back of the print in the top corners and then place the print in the middle of the card, this will stop the print slipping when inserting into the frame but the blue tack is not too adhesive to damage the print. Mounting the screenprint on to card rather than in a window mount creates a beautiful outer shadow. 



Chicory, Cichorium intybus

  • Screenprint

    14.8 x 21cm

    Edition of 100


    Hand signed & editioned.


    Each print is carefully wrapped for protection in a compostable film made from potato starch. The wrapping can be added to your compost or food waste bin.


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