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Snowdrop, screenprinted greeting card

A hand screenprinted greeting card, 300gsm.  

Dimensions:    14.5 x 14.5cm

Blank inside, with a recycled kraft brown envelope.


Stencils: 1 x blue and 1 x green


Printing method:

Screenprinting is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh, most commonly a polyester fabric, stretched tightly over a rectangular frame. Stencils are applied to the mesh with ink-blocking substances, either photo-emulsion or paper stencils. Each colour within the design requires its own stencil. The stencil creates an open area of mesh for ink to transfer through on to a smooth surface. A sharp edged squeegee is used to push ink through the mesh in a fluid movement or squeegee stroke.

Snowdrop, screenprinted greeting card

  • Cards are dispatched by Second Class Royal Mail. 


    Orders dispatched internationally are sent Tracked.

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