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Homeware range for Jekka's

I am delighted to unveil a wonderful commission I produced in 2018 for Jekka's, formally known as Jekka's Herb Farm.

Jekka’s new collection of beautiful homeware is made in collaboration with Hannah McVicar, who has produced exclusive designs inspired by Jekka’s Herbetum. Hannah’s upbringing at the herb farm and her passion for drawing became naturally entwined from a very early age. She has been producing botanical illustrations and prints for the past 14 years but this is the first time her unique style is now available on a range of beautiful homeware gifts. There are three designs to choose from: Dill, a stunning illustration of the plant in flower; Edible flowers, an elegant one colour print of Nasturtiums, Borage, Marigolds, Alliums and Heartsease;
and  Ornamental Herbs, a modern twist on a herbal print.
Not only do they look beautiful, these collections are of the high quality that you would expect from Jekka’s products.  Whether you’re treating yourself, or buying for a loved one, please enjoy browsing this collection of high quality gifts.
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